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(sort of ) How to make a knitted/crocheted Tote Bag

So I finally finished this cutie. I say finally because this little nut was tough to crack. I actually didn’t do a tutorial for you because it was me who needed some help. I’m a self-taught seamstress, knitter and crocheter. Therefore, I’m always learning new stuff too. So when I need help, I look for it. Today, instead of giving you a step by step guide, I’m going to narrate the process of making this crocheted Tote Bag. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Although, like I said, it wasn’t easy to assemble this knitted/crocheted tote bag, knitting the pieces that compose it was a little walk in the park (I really love knitting) ー Finishing details were the hard tasks. But hey, let’s do this!


Phil Creativ’ in noir and sable, from Phildar

Here in Versallles the shops opened Saturday before May 11. When I found out I (almost) ran to the Phildar store because I had this project in mind for a few days already. I was hoping to find the right yarn for it. Luckily I did. I bought the Phil Creativ’. I wanted to use this yarn not only because it is beautiful but also for practical purposes, it is thick, therefore it is faster to knit. When the knit is tight it creates sort of a chunky structured weave perfect for a pouch like this.

When knitting with Phil Creativ’ you’re supposed to use 10mm needles, but I chose to use 7mm needles as, like I said, I wanted to obtain a thick and firm weave with almost no visible gaps.

Note: Phildar states in the product description “This thread comes from the recycling of T-shirts. They are collected and cut into strips and then put into balls. ” I do not think this is totally true because the yarn is quite even, but they speak of rolls of discarded T-shirt fabric, I hope.

Knitted pieces

Bottom and sides piece: one-piece woven in two colors knitting a garter stitch.

Construction: Start by casting 24 stitches, desired width 22cm ( 8 1/2″). Knit first 20cm (8″) in sable, then 13cm (5 1/2″) in noir then again 20cm (8″) in sable.

Bag front pieces: knit a moss stitch

Construction: Start by casting 18 stitches, desired width 20cm ( 8″). Knit up to 20cm (8″) then add a single crochet border on both sides and bottom of the piece

bottom and sides piece
bag front piece

Bag handles: to creates the bag’s handles you crochet a simple cord a.k.a. romanian cord. make them 40cm (16″) long


Instead of assembling pieces edge to edge, assemble one over the other.

Use the space between each point of the single border to make the stitches.

Once you have assembled every piece together add the bag handles. Grab one of the cord you made and:

a.) Tuck it into the fabric, at an equidistant point near one of the corners of the front of the bag. Make several stitches inside, to fix the piece.

b.) Then make a few stitches on the inside, to fix the handle to the front of the bag

Repeat with the three other ends of the crocheted handle

You may line the bag with a super cute fabric, I haven’t done it, but I will.

Thank you for following along!

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