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A few days ago I read a story by Cody Delistraty, the cultural editor of the WSJ Magazine. He was writing about Tyler Mitchell, a 25 years old photographer, quite renowned recently. He was the one who photographed Beyoncé for Vogue’s September Issue 2018

In the text, the author explains, among other things, how the photographer navigates the critical moment in which the BLM movement intensifies in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. At some point he questions him on how his photography serves as a tool of protest in the midst of all. His answer resonated with me:

I think the questions we’re all asking ourselves right now are, What’s everything I can do? How can I save the world with what I do? But actually, the bigger thing to tell yourself is it really isn’t about doing everything right now. It’s about doing something. I keep telling people, “It wouldn’t be everything to donate, but it would be something; it wouldn’t be everything to do what you can in your immediate circle, but it would be something.”

Tyler Mitchell

It resonates with me because many times I ask myself these questions: will my effort here at Atelier Circulaire have any effect? do I spend too much time inside my head? is this really relevant? But like he says I’m not asking the right questions. Somehow Mitchell words cleared some of my doubts. Of course my effort will have an effect, the effort is being made and I do venture into trying to be heard through my photographs and videos. Atelier circulare is a space where I explore, among other things, ways to give a new use to textiles. Most of the time my proposals are linked to clothing but other functions ramble in my head. I believe that my interest has the potential to interest other people. In the end, it is the process of seeking new solutions what thrills me and that is precisely what I like to expose. I have to admit, sometimes exposing this exploration, scares me a bit (or a lot). I don’t always succeed, actually must of the time, I don’t. Though, isn’t that part of the deal? at least I’m doing something.

Beyoncé photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Vogue, September 2018

Read the story about Tyler Mitchell here….

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