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How to make a pant cuff

A few days ago, a client asked me to hem for him three pants, he wanted cuffs. As seamstress, this is the first I do this type of hem I never thought of one of these for any of my works. Albeit, when my clients asked for cuffed hems I started my little research for the best and most elegant way to do create them. It took me a little while to find the right technique, at least, the one I felt the most comfortable with. Google handed me this video, this one and this one too. No one really convinced me, until I got to this one and decided to create a detailed tutorial based on the one technique I really liked.

SOURCE: Indochino Blog

Cuffed hems are mostly used on tailor pants, but still, it is a valid option for any hem you want to make, even on sleeves!

To make this tutorial I made a sample piece in the fabric that I like to use to make my prototypes.

How to sew a pant cuff

You will need:

  • A ruler
  • Tailor’s chalk ( I used a pen for visual purposes)
  • pins
  • and scissors
  • An iron

As usual, I made a video tutorial for you that will surely help you a lot:

I hope you find useful this step by step guide.

BTW don’t forget that hand stitches should be, just like in traditional hems, light and quite invisible (as much as possible 😉 )

“Be yourself. Know your proportions. And have a good tailor”

Ru Paul

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