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I remember quite well the day I saw this delicious green fabric, I immediately fell in love with it. It was at the end of a long day as a home seamstress in Paris ( I promise, one day I’ll talk to you about my work). As tired as I was, I wanted to give myself a treat, something I really liked.

I was wearily walking down Rue de Sentier and decided to go into one of the fabric shops: TissuMarket. As I told you before, ti was an instant crush… the texture… the luminosity of that bright yet deep green! I thought of a simple “geometrical” top. I bought that fabric and rushed back home. Still, I decided to pass by the magazine store before, and there it was… the 20/2020 edition of Burda with pattern 119!

pattern 119 – Burda 20/2020

Anyway, a few days ago I decided to start this project. The construction of the top went super good up until I got to adding the sleeves. I did not like the halfway smocked sleeve they suggested. I thought I could work out some sort of a “sophisticated” solution

I decided to add a little strip of the same fabric over the smocked seam they proposed. Frankly I think it was a great idea because I loved the results

First prepare the strips you should have previously cut about 14cm long. Carefully, fold all the edges, then stitched them loosely, iron and put them aside for a while.

I transferred pattern’s line were the smocking goes, to the sleeves. I made a loose and long machine stitch all, and pulled on one of the threads to achieve an even ruffle.

Pull ends of sleeve and iron both pieces. Pin the strips to the sleeves, and machine stitch. Continue with the instructions …

Et volià!

Note: As you can see I also modified the neck line, but that is a separate tutorial, stay tuned 😉

Thank you for following along!

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