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So, summer is coming!…

…and it’s time to bring out another round of bucket hats. Lets give a warm welcome to these summer toppers. Bucket hats are my favorite summer accessories, but I have to confess something: I think I have a big head. I really don’t know why but it has never been easy to satisfy my eternal craving for one of these fashionable pieces because more often than not, they’re too tight. Believe me, I have ignored this but then after a little while I remember why I shouldn’t – I get a massive headache.

So, a few days ago I decided to make myself one. The result was so good, that I decided to create a new tutorial for you. I think you will enjoy this one. You will need a bit more than some basic sewing skill, but no worries, I will guide you all the way through. The good thing about bucket hats is that they look good no matter what material you use: a lightweight canvas, a waterproof fabric, a flowery one , and even faux fur will surely work.

As always, I have created a video that will give some visual guiding in case you need it.

All you’ll need for this hat is:


40 cm x 140 cm (15” x 55”) piece of fabric for outside
25 cm x 140 cm (10” x 55”) piece of fabric for the middle layer ー substitute with fusible interfacing if you which, although I always prefer fabric
25 cm x 140 cm (10” x 55”) piece of lining fabric
A spool of thread


Sewing machine / Hand sewing needle / Scissors / Pins / Iron

If you got excited and want to dive deeper into this tutorial, you can find it here:

Thank you for following along!

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