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Like everyone else, I have thousands of questions about what our reality will be like from now on, about how we will manage our lives under these imperative rules of “social distancing.” We are social entities by nature!

Until very recently, I worked as a freelance seamstress. I would go to my clients’ stores or to their homes, more often than not, we shared a coffee while I answered some questions and listened to their needs. Then I would take some measures from clients and I would leave with their garments. I worked on them at my atelier. Once finished, I returned them to my client. Sometimes myself, sometimes a delivery man did it for me.

As you can see “social distancing” rules are complex to respect when you are a freelance seamstress. So what happens now?

I am a bit of a superstitious person and in my own way I believe things happen because something is awaiting for us next corner. I also believe this on a global level, what is currently happening to us is part of a much required transformation our behavior as humans within our societies. I do not speak of an institutional level. I speak of each one of us. Some more, others less, will agree with me that the speed at which we were moving seemed unnatural. This global lockdown, too abrupt and violent for many, has given us a quite clear illustration that what we usually considered an urgency wasn’t actually one in far most of cases. Better yet, this lockdown has reminded us, that in the worst of circumstances, we remain empathetic beings, prompt to help others. I am part of the people who felt anxious when all this was coming upon us. But today, I believe that despite the painful losses of loved ones, we are incorporating a new vision that will transform what life was before this. We are still not entirely clear in what way but it will.

In a way, this is precisely what has been progressively happening for me. As I already told you, I still don’t know how my freelance seamstress job will be possiblein the middle of all this. I must wait for the de-confinement to begin and see how my clients respond. Although this sparks a bit of anguish in me, I must admit that I’m grateful for this unexpected lockdown. Yes, GRATEFUL, because this time, with all of its emotional ups and downs, helped me start giving shape to Atelier Circulaire. This is project that has been spinning in my head for a long time. I talk a little about these spinning thoughts on the 2nd episode of How to make a reusable lunch bag… the rest? it is still in the verge of becoming something!

These little post-to-post meditations help me externalize ideas that will later become what Atelier Circulaire attempts to communicate. I remember friends telling “to explore ideas you need to sit down one day and write them on a paper”. As weirdly as it sounds, I panicked just of the thought of the bright white sheet in front of me. As you can imagine I never did, but in a way I managed to do it these days. Furthermore, this time made me see that I don’t really need to sit down. Now that Atelier Circulaire is becoming real, ideas come to me constantly and I act on them.

I don’t want to end this post without quoting some words David Lynch said on an recent interview for Indiewire and he said:

“For some reason, we were going down the wrong path and Mother Nature just said, ‘Enough already, we’ve got to stop everything’ ー This is going to last long enough to lead to some kind of new way of thinking ー It’s going to be a different world on the other side and it’s going to be a much more intelligent world. Solutions to these problems are going to come and life’s going to be very good. The movies will come back. Everything will spring back and in a much better way probably.”

I hope, in one way or another, you’re experimenting this transformation too and I would be beyond happy to hear your feedback!

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