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This post is the 2nd part of how to do a lunch bag. Putting this tutorial together has taken me a lot of time because my laptop screen crashed (I already ordered a monitor but last Friday Amazon’s headquarters closed for a week here in France, for sanitary reason related to COVID19…… I know! talking about bad timing!) and my external hard drive crashed too ( I ordered also one, but same s**t) soooooo, it has not been easy. However, somehow, we’re here!!

How to make reusable lunch bag is part of my (proudly) growing collection of reusables tutorials.

Before you continue your reusable lunch bag project, I would like to talk to you a bit about Atelier Circulaire and our sewing tutorials.

My interest is to create a repertoire of sewing, embroidery and knitting tutorials, based on tasteful, even sofisticated designs. The idea is to inspire you to create. Not only because you’re passionate about it, but also because you’ll finish up with a functional and beautiful piece in your hands. A piece that you will be proud to wear or carry on with you. Altogether with the fact that you actually had fun making it ← my great attempt.

At Atelier Circulaire we also attempt to nurture that part of you that knows we need to rethink the way we consume if we want to change the way we do things, we need to explore AC‘s contribution to this matter would be to invite you to explore ways to reuse and recycle materials. For instance, instead of disposing that old bedspread, we might decide to reuse its fabric to make pouches that protect our shoes from dust. Or that old granny curtain can be used to create a hip lunch bag or a chic vintage looking grocery bag. In short, there are thousands of possibilities I would love to explore with you.

Atelier Circulaire is inspired by the concept of circular economy. A concept that seems complex to integrate on a macro level, but perhaps, we could all try to integrate it into our lives. And yes, not everyone has the time nor the ability to sew or to create with their hands.That is not a limitation for us, everyone can make their contribution in their own way. Maybe instead of buying something new, get inspired by Atelier Circulaire, grab that piece of fabric that you want to recycle, call your favorite seamstress and ask her to recycle it. Just like that, you’re being environmentally friendly and you’re support local economy.

Anyway, I wanted to express a little about Atelier Circulaire‘s mission. Not only to inform you but as a reflection for me. Ideas take shape only if one brings them to light. It is under the light where we can explore and shape them.

I hope you enjoy enjoy this 2nd part of how to make a reusable lunch bag

How to make a reusable lunch bag

Technical drawing
What you will need:
  • A piece of an used or new fabric, preferably a heavy cotton or any thick fabric you like ( I used velvet ) 
  • For the lining new or recycled fabric, a soft cotton or linen
  • A piece of a thick fusing interlining
  • Two 23mm snap fasteners
Pieces to cut:
Bag’s fabric:
  • Bag’s fabric: 1 rectangle: 62 cm x 42 cm
  • Belt for closure: 72 cm x 10 cm
  • Little strap: 25 cm x 10 cm
  • 1 rectangle: 62 cm x 42 cm
Used Techniques:

How to make a strap out of fabric

If you need more specific guidance on this tutorial, you can find a quite descriptive PDF that will guide you step by step on how to make a

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