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Zippers: a few basics

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Zippers are probably one of the most used accessories to close a garment. Currently, the market offers us all sorts of possibilities, so many that it can get a bit confusing. When you don’t realize some basics, it can be tough to decide which one to use. Some stores put labels on zippers to point out a suggested usage. You’re not obliged to follow this advice, but guidance is always appreciated. In addition, colors, material and lengthwise possibilities are almost endless. In consequence, to make it easier for us to decide we can classify zippers in 4 types, but first, here are the parts that make up a zipper:

Types of zippers:

Multi-purpose zippers:

They are usually made out of polyester or cotton, with plastic chain. The length of the zipper varies according to the manufacturers and brands, they can go from 10 cm to 100 cm approximately. Uses: pockets of bags, cushions, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts. 

Metal zippers:

This type of zippers has the metal chain. They are highly resistant. Uses: Accessories, jeans, trousers in twill, etc. Also on garments in which we want to highlight its use in a decorative manner.

Invisible zippers:

They have the chain (teeth) finer than the rest and their function is to be hidden under the fabric. They are typically used when we want a clean finish, as when we don’t want the joints of a garment altered by the zippers. Uses: Party dresses, pants, skirts, etc.Elles ont la chaîne (dents) plus fine que le reste et leur fonction est de se cacher sous le tissu. Ils sont généralement utilisés lorsque nous voulons une finition propre ou que nous ne voulons pas que les joints d’un vêtement soient altérés par les fermetures éclair. Utilisations: robes de soirée, pantalons, jupes, etc.

Separating zippers:

This type of zipper can come with plastic or metal chain, they are characterized by being open at the bottom, allowing the textile bands to be separated. Uses: jackets, coats and jackets, sleeping bag, backpacks, etc …

It is also possible to find zippers by meters with removable handles. This type of zipper is practical when we need an exact measurement that does not exist in the market.

However, even considering all of the above, we may, once in a while, need to to shorten a zipper that we have at hand… this is how you do it:

How to shorten an invisible zipper:

How to shorten a zipper:

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